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Starshire Ranch scarf

Starshire Ranch scarf

The Starshire flock offers a variety of rovings, yarn and fleece, as well as our own Starshire Ranch scarf and hat pattern. PayPal accepted-just email or call.

Look for us on Facebook, June Aploks!

2018 Fleeces are all sold except for upcoming show fleeces! Fleeces disappear fast folks, coated sheep, super clean and beautiful fibers!

Just in: our Alpaca Rug yarn, available in Shades of Silver or Rose Gray!





Caryzma/Love Sonnet

100% Alpaca Sport Weight, 100 Yards, $15


  Caryzma and Love Sonnet


100% Alpaca Juliette/Sephora

2 Ply, 150 yards, $20


Alpaca Rug Yarn, Lileigh (Rose Gray)

110 yard bumps, .85 per yard


Alpaca Rug Yarn, Callie and Tiger

110 yard bumps, .85 per yard


Mariposa, 100% Alpaca Sport Weight

100 yards, $15


Persia 100% Alpaca, Rose Petals

Sport Weight, 100 yards, $15


75% Alpaca, 25% Merino,Karma-Evy

100 yards, $15

Merino, Our Ram - Matisse, Heathered Purples, 150 yards, sport weight, lovely! $30
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Updated November 03, 2018