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Starshire Ranch scarf

Starshire Ranch scarf

The Starshire flock offers a variety of rovings, yarn and fleece, as well as our own Starshire Ranch scarf and hat pattern. PayPal accepted-just email or call.

Look for us on Facebook, June Aploks!

We are almost finished shearing for 2019, beautiful fleeces available!

Just in: our Alpaca Rug yarn, available in Shades of Silver or Rose Gray!





Caryzma/Love Sonnet

100% Alpaca Sport Weight, 100 Yards, $15


  Caryzma and Love Sonnet


100% Alpaca Juliette/Sephora

2 Ply, 150 yards, $20


Alpaca Rug Yarn, Lileigh (Rose Gray)

110 yard bumps, .85 per yard


Alpaca Rug Yarn, Callie and Tiger

110 yard bumps, .85 per yard


Mariposa, 100% Alpaca Sport Weight

100 yards, $15


Persia 100% Alpaca, Rose Petals

Sport Weight, 100 yards, $15


75% Alpaca, 25% Merino,Karma-Evy

100 yards, $15

Merino, Our Ram - Matisse, Heathered Purples, 150 yards, sport weight, lovely! $30
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Updated May 02, 2019